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"Diverse Conception" = Various Ideas
Some may fly against the wind to be original. We'd rather fly with the wind, and to be original, we use various ideas when flying.Since 1997, we kept focusing on one theme; handmade. Every handmade product has a special warmth. We want all our customers to feel such warmth in every product we create, anytime, anywhere.

Our concept leads to the expression of stores as well.
We believe shopping has to be dramatic. It may be easy to rely on digital technologies, but we want our customers to experience the warmth of analogue life. Our goal is to provide a heart-warming product in a comfortable space, where every customer can fully enjoy shopping.

Our brand name is derived from a word "garnish" which originally means, "an item used as a decoration accompanying a prepared food". Garnish makes a food visually more appealing. We want to play the best supporting role. That's us, and that's what Garni is all about.

We continue to grow our skills, try all new technologies and maintain 'The Garni Factory' at higher level.


Founded in1997, Garni started making accessories to enhance a beautiful relationship between clothes and its wearer. The items had been sold at specialty shops in Tokyo.
In April 1998, Garni Tokyo opened as the first shop of Garni in Shibuya-ku, Daikanyama.
In April 1998, the first fragrance was released as an item to be worn like an accessory.
In November 2002, Garni Nagoya opened.
In April 2004, Garni Tokyo removed and reopened in Ebisu as the flagship of Garni store.
In February 2006, GARNI Kyoto opened.
In 2006, “Love Rings of GARNI”, a bridal collection, launched.
In February 2014, GARNI Osaka opened.
Nowadays, Garni is highly regarded by artists, musicians, and is collaborating with them.


NAME Takeo Ueno
PROFILE Born in 1980,
Get aboard to the company of garni in 22 years old.
Joined to the project member in 25 years old after a shop assistant.
From spring collection "root" in 2011, assume all of design work and modeling.